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A child who used to day-dream is now able to focus and complete his homework quickly. 

A child who used to say “I don’t know”, is now able to think carefully, give his opinions and substantiate his answers. 

A child who used to give up easily is now able to accept challenges and asks for more.

Not seeing much improvement, even after countless hours of tuition. These may be early signs that the learning methods adopted are not beneficial to your child’s learning. Your child is overly reliant on their parents and constantly needs to be supervised and spoon-fed. Thus, the first thing we teach is the right mindset - a growth mindset. Let your child take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. 


Join us now, and soon you will witness these transformations in your child 

  - turning every failure and mistake into opportunities for growth through perseverance and grit.  


The schedule for AY 2023 is available here.

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