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About the centre

 Mindset First Tuition Centre is established in Jan 2018. We are the pioneer in Singapore to incorporate growth mindset teaching approach in primary school education. The founder, Ms Joyce, together with her team of teachers are a group of young parents who found Singapore lacking the kind of educational environment they envisioned for their children. They come together, develop their own curriculum and set up a school that nurtures growth mindset and passion for learning in the students.   


Mindset first curriculum team comprises NIE-trained school teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience. With our vast experience, the team researched and developed the best approach to support children in learning. Children are often overwhelmed with the fast paces of teaching in schools. No time for questioning and be reflective of their own learning. Mindset first follows the latest MOE syllabus but compacted the lesson into bite-size.


Learning becomes challenging but fun. Children become not afraid of failure, turn mistakes into opportunities to develop perseverance and grit. 

Who are we?

  • A Team of  NIE-trained teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience

  • Subject-specialist

  • Familiar with the latest MOE syllabus

  • Ex PSLE marker

The founder, Ms Joyce holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) from National Institute of Education (NIE) and also a Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Second Class Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

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About: Inner_about
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