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Coding Class

Why learn coding?

Coding is essential to help children thrive in a future driven by technology. When we teach coding, we also teach skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

How do we teach?


We focus not on teaching children to code but on using coding to solve problems. 

Learning the logic that underpins programming proves to be more useful for the child in the long run as it encourages them to think about programs and platforms from a broad system perspective, rather than learning the syntax of specific programming languages that may be outdated by the time grows up.


  • Balance use of unplugged activities and age-appropriate iPad apps

  • Children develop an understanding of coding concepts through "play" and experimentation. 

  • Use of award-winning robot Dash to bring coding to life.

  • Integrate STEAM approach

    • Science: Learning about the scientific method and mimic animal behaviours

    • Technology: Analyse problems and design algorithm to program robot actions and reactions using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding app

    • Engineering: Navigate mazes, knock-down objects and explore engineering principles. Integrates with Legos to build add-ons such as a pen to draw, a bulldozer and many other creative components

    • Arts: Explore digital storytelling and drawing

    • Math: Explore concepts like number line, geometry, angles, distance and time.

Why choose us?

Startup Development Team

Experienced and specialised IT instructor to support exploration and discovery by children without prior knowledge.


Children get to see how coding translates to clear actions. The code isn't making something changes on a screen. It is turning right in front of them moving, beeping and lighting up in different colours! Children may find learning and coding with something that physically responds more interesting than working purely in the screen.


Integrating STEAM approach into coding is another way of reaching children through their interests. It boosts problem-solving skill and enables children to see how math skills, coding concepts and engineering take shape in the real world. Seeing an idea unfolds in real life is a powerful way to learn.

Coding Programme


For age 5-8


For 9 years old and above


For 11 years old and above

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