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Weekly Junior Coder Class


The programme is tailored for young learners from 5-8 years old.


Block-based programming is suitable for this group of young readers.


Block-based programming hides text strings that look like computer keys run amok and makes coding look less scary. Instead of keyboard letters and symbols, the child can select from a menu and drag a colour-coded block that says "say( ) for ( ) secs" or "play note( ) for ( ) beats." The blocks can fit together like stacked puzzle pieces to order the instructions. Block-based programming removes the need to memorise commands, which vary depending on the computer language. The child still understands how to code because the block is read just the way you think about it.


Young children with no prior coding experience will not be intimidated and still able to learn advanced coding concepts.


With Dash robot to interact with the environment through multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs and audio capabilities, the child is adequately challenged and still constantly engaged.




Coding concepts

  • Sequencing

  • Debugging

  • Loops

  • Events

  • Conditionals



  • Distance sensor

  • Sound sensor

  • Tilt sensor

  • LED

  • Motor

  • Microphone

  • Speaker


Learning through

  • Unplugged activities

  • Wonder app

  • Path app

  • Block-based programming using Blockly and Scratch Junior app



  • Build and program Robot Dash to complete missions

  • Create games/animation using Scratch Junior app

Coding Programme


For 9 years old and above


For 11 years old and above

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