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Collaborative​ ​Inquiry-based​ ​Learning​ ​Environment

  • Blended learning activities, hands-on activities - using manipulatives (for Math) or conducting experiments (for Science).

  • Young children learn and visualise better when they can manipulate concrete objects. This allows deeper learning and better memory retention of concepts.

  • Children learn best with other children. Collaborative task or group discussion can motivate, stimulate, supports them in their learning and develop creative thinking skill.

  • Our curriculum is aligned with the latest MOE primary school education syllabus.

​Small​ ​Teacher​ ​And​ ​Student​ ​Ratio

Small class size allows every student to ask questions during the lesson. More time for exploring every individual student’ ideas. Deeper learning takes place.


Experienced​ ​MOE-trained​ ​Teachers​ ​Of​ ​More​ ​Than​ ​10​ ​Years​ ​Of​ ​Teaching​ ​Experience

Growth​ ​Mindset​ ​Coach

We understand the common challenges faced by students.

The common misconception in learning science topics.

Wrong answering technique for science process skill question.

The wrong method is used when solving the heuristics problem sum.

Undeveloped story plot for composition writing.

Every Mindset First teacher undergoes training and is competent to teach lessons that nurture growth mindset thinking in the student (applicable to primary levels).

Why Mindset First: Project

Top 4 Reasons

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